Blogging in 2018: The Facts

At the beginning there were only a few people doing it, but quickly more and more internet users ? including businesses – decided to set up their own virtual space to express themselves and engage with their readers. 

These days, blogging is one of the top activities people and companies use the internet for. The following facts and figures are the result of a survey of 1000 bloggers carried out by Although respondents were based in the US, their conclusions can help to create a global picture.

What is the situation of blogging in 2017?

Blogging in 2017 – ‘It’s the Content, Stupid’

    • More men than women blog (but not many more) ? according to specific figures, six in ten bloggers are men, while four in ten are women.

    • WordPress is the favourite platform of bloggers ? 43% of those bloggers polled use WordPress. This percentage is closely followed by 35% of people using Blogger. Further behind, 16% of bloggers use platforms such as Tumblr, TypePad and Posterous.

    • What is the language of blogging? In 66% of cases it is English. 8.7% are in Spanish, 6.5% in Portuguese and a further 3.5% in Indonesian.

    • Are bloggers making a living from their blog? According to figures, only 9% are. A majority of 81% of bloggers confessed that they can never make more than $100 from blogging.

    • 60% of businesses have a blog ? out of those, 35% keep their content marketing strategy up-to-date, posting new content at least once a month. 65% of them, in contrast, confessed they haven?t updated their blog in a year or more.

    • In relation to the above figure, a recent report found that keeping their company blog fresh and updated is a major challenge for a majority of businesspeople and marketers. This is the gap that companies such as Blighty SEO can fill. Professional writers can create SEO news content for your site on a daily basis.

Why blogging?

Blogging is one of the main tools in which content marketing is supported. providing news content for your website you will be able to boost your SEO and rank better in Google, inform and engage your audience and, overall, increase your web traffic.

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4 in 5 adults trust natural search results over paid

80% of 18 to 24 year-olds choose natural search results as trusted. Source: Tamar 2017 Search Attitudes Report