5 Rolling Stones songs that sum up content marketing

5 Rolling Stones songs that sum up content marketing

Following on from our blog post in July looking at Mad Men quotes that sum up content marketing, we bring you 5 songs from the Rolling Stones that  do the same. It’s just the excuse you were looking for to listen to some great music at work!

Content Marketing pioneers? The ‘secret SEO content’ messages in Rolling Stones’ songs

While we might know the Rolling Stones as globe-trotting hit making mega-stars, have you ever noticed how their song titles have a hidden meaning? Yep, Richards and Jagger are secret SEO content marketers for sure.

Don?t believe us? Check out these song titles (and watch the great videos) and see for yourself.

Start Me Up

From the 1981 album Tattoo You, Start Me Up is a classic from the band. Not related to content marketing? Well, it does nicely sum up the way that many of our clients, both big and small, think about content marketing; once they start thinking about it, more and more creative ideas come to the fore. They start to live and breathe content marketing and embrace the fact that every brand and business is a publisher now.

Whether it is creating a great infographic, an online video, or new blog content, news for social media channels or more; as Mick Jagger sings ?Start-me up. If you start me up I?ll never stop.? Start your content marketing now and very quickly it will become part of your everyday existence and fully integrated into your wider marketing plans.

The video is funny too:

Paint It, Black

The Rolling Stones? ode to Black Hat SEO techniques. Don?t do it. It’s that simple. The days of buying up lots of cheap, irrelevant web links; spamming directories and comment boxes with links and flipping cheap content that not just reads badly, but is essentially illegible, are over. You may still be able to fool search engines for a time with quick wins here and there; but Google is watching you! So whatever you do, don?t ?Paint it, Black.?

You can?t always get what you want

Mick and co probably wrote this song about some late night shenanigans while on the road touring (incidentally I did interview Bill Wyman once, way back in 2002), but was there ever a truer word spoken about content marketing and the search industry in general than these immortal words from the lips of Mick Jagger? Sometimes, you will just have to admit to yourself that you won?t be able to get what you want, all of the time… like that link from Mashable or the BBC when you launch a new product update. If you are creative, or create something news-worthy enough you can of course get the coverage and the links you want, but not ALWAYS. Check out the band here in 1969:

Blinded by Rainbows

This song was from the Voodoo Lounge Album of the 1990s; when the Stones were in their stadium tour rock behemoth stage (they are still are in it, btw). Blinded by Rainbows – It could be an apt phrase for those who adopt a content marketing strategy for their business without fully understanding content strategy.

If you are thinking about moving in to the content arena for the first time with your brand or business you could benefit from some advice and sharing ideas. This is where a content agency can help.

When looking to outsource your content and content strategy look for a company that works with big name brands on content development, and one that has a record of success. Talented writers and experienced editors; a company that has online content at the very core of their business is important if you want to really grow your content strategy. Content creation is a specialist function, so be wary of those companies that offer it as part of an entire suite of search marketing services.

Not Fade Away

A classic Rolling Stones song; one which showcases the Rolling Stones? awareness of how strong content can build your online business. Okay, maybe not ? the song was written in the early 1960s, after all.

But if you are unsure about whether or not you should undertake content marketing for your business or brand, ask yourself this: ?If I start on content strategy today, will I see the benefit in a year’s time?? The short answer is, YES. It is a way to ensure that your online brand does not ?fade away?.

Check out this hilarious Lego version of the group ?performing? on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964:

Interested in talking content and finding out more about content strategy for your business or brand? Get in touch with us directly at info@seoblighty.co.uk to arrange a call.

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