7 in 10 tablet users access content every day

7 in 10 tablet users access content every day

Tablets are becoming content’s best friend. A new report has revealed that 69% of tablet owners use it to access content on a daily basis.

The technology research company Gartner found in a new study the top ways of using a tablet from a global perspective.

Up to 69% of owners use their tablet to access SEO news content every day, which is great news for all those businesses undertaking content marketing strategies to engage with their audience.

More than eight in ten people (81%) use their tablets on a daily basis to read and manage their emails, while 62% of the respondents admit to check their social media networks every day.

?The rapid adoption of media tablets is substantively changing how consumers access, create and share content,? said Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner.

 ?The survey found more than 50 percent of media tablet owners prefer to read news, magazines and books on screen.?

High tech and content marketing go hand in hand

As we recently said in our article ‘Content marketing and social networks ? a relationship of true love’, social networks are the perfect way of spreading content around the web. However, it is also essential to value the role that new tech devices, such as tablets or smartphones, have too.

The more content platforms that are created, the greater the chances for your branded content to be read. As technology evolves, companies and webmasters are seeing in those new devices great opportunities for reaching their audience.

Since this partnership is set to improve and increase in the coming years, all companies ? big and small – are called to make the most of what technology and good content can bring to their business.

We research, we create, we engage?

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