Content marketing and social networks ? a relationship of true love

Content marketing and social networks ? a relationship of true love

Good content needs (and deserves) to be read and social networks need good content to attract and empower a users? interaction. Their mutual dependence is the reason for their stable and strong relationship.

According to the online magazine Salon, publishing better quality content resulted in a rise in the sites? readership.

This is why branded content is key. Readers love original and interesting stories (who doesn?t?) and businesses need to work on improving their writing, while boosting it from an SEO point of view.

Now, there is no point in creating new and good SEO content if this doesn?t reach your target audience, and here is precisely the stage in which social networks comes into action.

Three SEO benefits of social media

This is how social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn can help you to drive traffic to your site and, most importantly, to be read.

  • It puts your site and keywords ?out there? to the wide world of the internet. Creating branded content for your site is good, but publishing it in other platforms also is even better due to its multiple SEO advantages.
  • Good content is shared in the social networks. How many times have you liked an article or a video and have shared it in your social media profile? People like to share what they love with who they love; this is the main point of social networks. This means that, if you create and engage with your audience, those satisfied and faithful readers will make sure that stories worth sharing are shared.
  • All this social ‘sharing? results in a very valuable link building strategy that will improve your site’s SEO. The more users publish your link, the more relevant you site will be to the eyes of Google.

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