Content marketing attracts 26% of B2B marketing investment

Content marketing attracts 26% of B2B marketing investment

More businesses are relying on the positive effects of writing branded content on their sites. A new study has revealed that the average percentage of the marketing budget spent on content marketing now stands at 26%.

New figures published by B2B marketing company Marketo show that the current percentage spent by companies on content marketing is more than a quarter of their total budget.

Companies of more than a thousand employees dedicate 21% of their budget; those with 100-999 workers spend 22% of their marketing funds; medium sized companies from 10 to 99 employees use exactly a quarter (25%) of their marketing budget and businesses with less than 10 employees spend up to the 34% of their money.

Content marketing – A safe investment

Further data from the study shows how content marketing spend among the companies that participated in the research has evolved over the last 12 months.

The amount spent on this purpose grew in 51% of cases and remained the same in 45% of the companies polled. This is great news for the content marketing industry, as only 2% of the respondents did actually reduce their investment, with a further 2% giving N/A as an answer.

When asked whether they would increase the amount of money spent on content marketing in the next 12 months, up to 45% of B2B marketers said they will do so only on their in-house content. 3% said they plan to invest only in outsourced content and 52% will implement both strategies over the next 12 months.

SEO content and Social Media

Finally, the study revealed that 55% of businesses undertaking content marketing techniques share their content on Twitter; 54% do so in Facebook; 51% in LinkedIn and 38% in YouTube. A further 8% of respondents answer ?other? in this question.

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