Content Marketing Tips: get the most from a content agency

Content marketing tips: how to get the most out of your content agency

Content marketing tips for brands and businesses looking to outsource their content strategy and creation. Peter Toole, Blighty SEO Publishing Director.

Great content should be at the core of your content marketing strategy

Content marketing. We all know what it is and that it’s the future, don?t we? Sure you do that’s why you are reading this blog, right?

Thanks to search engine algorithm changes and a rise in social media, the emphasis online has finally moved away from technical criteria and refocused everyone’s attention on what Google’s Matt Cutt’s terms the ?good guys? making great sites for users, not just algorithms.?

In short, marketing principals that have applied offline for a generation, but were largely discounted as irrelevant, or at best old fashioned for online marketing, are now very much to the fore.

Basic marketing principals like creating value for your readers and building trust among your potential customers in your brand or business are now far more important than how many spammy backlinks you have to your website.

As Cutts says ?focus on creating high quality sites that create a good user experience and employ white hat SEO methods instead of engaging in aggressive webspam tactics.?

So we all know that in order to achieve these objectives you need content ? and good quality content at that.

I?m not going to go on in this post about how important good content is, or the benefits of content marketing for business. That’s already been covered on this blog and elsewhere. This post is for those who already know the benefits, and want some ?how to? advice on how to get the best out of their decision to embrace online content.

Getting Started with Content Marketing

You need good quality content that fits your brand and your demographic. You have an idea of the kind of content you?d like to see and read on your website and what type of content you like to read. But you either don?t have the time to create all of the content you need, or you simply don?t know how to go about creating that content. Sound familiar?

That’s where professional content agencies and content marketing companies can come in extremely useful. But how do you get the most out of these content creation experts and what should you look for when choosing to outsource your content creation?

Whether you are an SEO agency briefing in a content team, an SME looking to gain some increased online exposure or a major brand looking to tap into external content creation expertise, there are a number of things you need to consider when outsourcing your content creation.

Why Outsource Content Strategy?

If you get it right, the benefits of having an external resource ? a full team of experts ? that not only understand your business, your aims and your objectives, but also understand online, SEO, social and analytics, plus have the necessary skills to deliver the content your brand needs and the benefit to your business can be enormous; it can quite easily add up to be far more valuable than the overall sum of its parts.

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