Half of companies will generate web sales by 2015

Half of companies will generate web sales by 2015

Having an internet presence is vitally important. As an online business and publisher, we know this. While all the marketing experts regularly highlight this fact, a new study has revealed that 50% of businesses will generate more sales thanks to their online and social presence by 2015.

According to the British e-commerce company Gloople, e-commerce and social commerce is set to increase rapidly and strongly in the next four years.

While commerce generated through social media is expected to reach £5.67 billion this year, predictions from the study say that social commerce will rise up to £8.81 billion in 2013.

2017 to 2016 – 4 years of brilliant expectations

When it comes to online sales, every prediction is positive. Continuing on the Gloople research, it published a number of forecasts that will take place from now to 2016.

The number of consumers shopping online will increase by 15% (from 167 to 192 million). The average consumer will spend 44% more in 2016 (£1094.07) that in 2017 (£759.81). In addition, the profits per year generated by all online shoppers are expected to rise by 45%, from £142 billion to £205 billion.

Branded content to be optimised

The future is online, that seems to be clear, but there are certain steps that need to be followed to reach the online audience:

Content marketing ? the first element is to make the most of your website. Boosting your traffic and building your brand should be your priority from now on. More brands are becoming publishers thanks to the benefits of content marketing. If you have something relevant to tell your readers, they will naturally follow and believe in you.

Social networks and SEO ? no matter how good your content is, nobody will be able to enjoy it unless it is properly optimised by search engines and shared in the wide range of social networks.

Regarding social media, the study revealed that click-through rates coming from Facebook walls accounted for 6.5%, and that the new social network Pinterest accounted for 3.6% of the referral traffic ? this is 3 times more than in Google+.

In fact, according to Shareaholic ? an industry leader in share buttons, sharing tools, plugins and extensions ? Pinterest could drive more traffic to your site than Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube combined!!

We research, we create, we engage?

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SEO Facts

SEO-wise? Google+ is the best social network to be shared in

Social networks have had such a profound influence on marketing departments worldwide, that they have led to the creation of new roles such as the ?community manager?. While most marketers know that being present on social media is essential, many still ignore the social network that benefits brands the most in terms of SEO.