How can brands improve their social media appeal?

How can brands improve their social media appeal?

How can brands improve their social media appeal? Content is king in the world of social media. How often do you click on a link someone has posted on Facebook or Twitter because you find the title or description interesting?

Over the course of a week towards the end of 2017 I analysed what I naturally clicked on when using Facebook. What were the results?

Well, I followed links to a news item about Harry Potter becoming a BA at an English University; a podcast about new show The Walking Dead; a post it note showing all of Chewbacaca’s dialogue on Star Wars; a web video clip on youTube by a travel journalist at Ho Chi Ming City, a news item about the number of Brits falling into bankruptcy and a link to the latest Travelzoo sale.

Was I looking for any of these things when I logged onto Facebook? No. Did I remember to watch The Walking Dead when it aired on FX? Yes, I did.

Has it made me visit Travelzoo when I am next looking for a cheap holiday, or to visit The Guardian over the Telegraph for money news? Quite possibly.

I even sometimes add the websites I visit via social media to my favourites tabs because they offer interesting content, typically that I don?t find when I do a Google search.

Social Media is word of mouth marketing at its best, and, because it delivers significant numbers of website visitors and real inbound links, it also helps your SEO objectives too.

But at the heart of your social media success lies content ? without content you have no referrals, no recommendations and no inbound links.

The challenge for companies is ?how to create linkable, relevant content? that will aid the sales pipeline and generate more and more recommendations and visitors. That’s where we come in.

Posted by: D Lovell.

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