Organic searches in the UK market grow by 568 million on a year-to-year basis

Organic searches in the UK market grow by 568 million on a year-to-year basis

People are searching online more often than last year; Google is still the king of search engines.

From January to July 2017, the popular search engine giant Google received up to 568 million visits more than during the same period of 2017.

Figures from Experian Hitwise have revealed that up to 15.8 billion visits have been made this year to Google, highlighting the fact that there is a growing need for businesses to invest in new marketing techniques such as SEO news content, video for web and content marketing.

During the first half of 2017, internet users made an average of 93 million visits per month more in comparison to the same month searches in 2017. This represents an increase of 4.3% in search visits per month.

Invest in content marketing now to benefit from longtail keyword searches

Short-tail or long-tail keywords ? What type of searches do Google users use?

The report also revealed that half of the searches that took place in July 2017 were based only on one or two words. Although this is a high percentage considering the overall figures, further data revealed that trends are changing.

The number of users typing four or more keywords is rising on a year-to-year basis; while the amount of people doing searches of one to three keywords is actually falling ? despite still being higher than the long-tail searches.

In fact, the report forecasts that the long-tail keywords will gain more popularity in the UK as future search engine keywords.

Google ? the search favourite engine among users

Finally, the report reaffirmed Google’s dominance in the search sphere. In July 2017, 90.61% of searches in the UK took place via Google, 3.91% via Microsoft sites and 2.73% via Yahoo! Sites.

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