SEO Article Writing

SEO Article Writing

SEO article writing – tips on how to write for search engine optimisation and SEO services explained by Blighty SEO SEO content experts.

SEO article writing or SEO Copywriting as it is sometimes known is a unique skill that is becoming increasingly important now that more and more people are using search engines and social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook to find information and services online.

SEO articles that are well written can attract a significant number of website visitors and increase your brand or company presence online. Online content marketing offers a unique opportunity to engage with customers.

What are SEO Articles?

SEO articles are news or top tip style articles related to the industry, product of service that your company operates in. Well researched SEO keywords included in the article will ensure that your target demographic searching for products or services online will be attracted to your content.

SEO News Content

One of the best ways to increase the content on your website is through the supply of SEO News Content. The benefit of adding news to your site are plentiful and include, making the site seem up-to-date and on top of industry trends and an expert in the field. Keyworded news content also makes it more likely for your website to be found on the internet, as people can often be more interested in news stories and will be driven towards an unbiased news item on your website.

All Blighty SEO content is written to a high professional standard in a style suited to your online audience; the copy is unique and tailored around SEO keywords so your content is more likely to appear higher up in Google or other search engine’s search result pages.

Use Blighty SEO for your Exclusive SEO Article Writing Services

Whether you are building brand presence, increasing dwell time on site or simply looking to drive sales then Blighty SEO content is the solution for you and it doesn?t require huge budgets to achieve, call today to find out how.

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Working with the UK’s top brands and businesses, at Blighty SEO we provide bespoke, tailored editorial and video content to increase web presence, search engine rankings and social engagement.

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SEO Facts

Organic searches in the UK market grow by 568 million on a year-to-year basis

Figures from Experian Hitwise have revealed that up to 15.8 billion visits have been made this year to Google, highlighting the fact that there is a growing need for businesses to invest in new marketing techniques such as SEO news content, video for web and content marketing.