The most popular social networks across Europe & the world

The most popular social networks across Europe & the world

Although many social networks have been launched, new research has revealed that Facebook is still the king of the world in terms of social media dominance.

An infographic recently published by Italian-based social media strategist Vincenzo Cosenza has revealed the social media landscape around the globe, indicating which sites triumph in the different areas of the world. Data for his study was taken from traffic monitoring sites such as Alexa and Google Trends. 

Facebook is the world’s favourite social network 

Out of the 137 countries that took part in the research, up to 126 had Facebook as the top social media site. Countries such as US, Australia, Japan, the UK, Canada, Brazil and India also had Facebook as their favourite social networking site. 

This is not the case, however, of those living in other areas of the world. Citizens living in other big countries such as Russia and China have other preferences, with Odnoklassniki and QZone being their top-used sites respectively. Zing is the favourite site in Vietnam and Draugiem in Latvia. 

Social media in Europe ? a battle between Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter 

In the European market, sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Badoo are also gaining popularity among users. These are the top three ranking social networks in the main European countries: 

  • UK ? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • France ? Facebook, Badoo, Skyrock
  • Spain ? Facebook, Tuenti, Badoo
  • Germany ? Facebook, Wer-kennt-wen, Xing
  • Italy – Facebook, Badoo, Twitter
  • Netherlands ? Facebook, Hyves, Twitter
  • Austria – Facebook, Badoo, Twitter
  • Belgium – Facebook, Badoo, LinkedIn
  • Finland – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Norway ? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter 

?If we take a look over Facebook’s shoulders we can see the battle for the second position between Twitter and LinkedIn or, especially in Europe, between Badoo and Twitter,? said Cosenza in his blog.

Google+, in contrast, has not reached as much popularity as other sites, despite a recent study revealed that promoting a site in Google+ is one of the best ways of climbing position in Google.

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