The power of images and video in content marketing

The power of images and video in content marketing

Implementing video is a good way of making your content marketing strategy more solid. New research has revealed what users perceptions are when it comes to video marketing.

Vibrant Media, an international company specialising in premium contextual technology, carried out a survey during the first quarter of 2017 to find out what consumers thoughts were towards branded video marketing.

The findings revealed that consumers are very selective when it comes to video, as figures showed that 70% of users directly ignore all those videos that are not relevant to their interests.

More than a half of respondents (56%) confessed that they were more likely to consider doing business with those companies which produce quality content and valuable information via video. A further 21% even said that targeted videos actually increase their purchase intent.

Further data from comScore has revealed that more than 10 billion video ads were viewed last May by the American users, while up to 180 million of them watched some form of web video during the same month.

Pinterest ? a growing social network

People like video and images because they are easy and quick to digest. This is why good video, infographic and image based social networks such as Pinterest are gaining popularity among users thanks to is simplicity.

Regarding Pinterest, a recent infographic created by Internet Marketing Inc revealed what the top interests of Pinterest users are in the UK:

  • Venture Capital
  • Blogging resources
  • Crafts
  • Web stats / analytics
  • SEO/Marketing

As figures show, British Pinterest users are much more business focused than those in the US ? the biggest Pinterest market. According to the same report, top interests among American users include: Crafts, Gifts, Hobbies/Leisure, Interior design, and Fashion Designers/collections.

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