Top SEO questions and top Google answers

Top SEO questions and top Google answers

The head of Google’s Web Spam Team, Matt Cutts, has answered a number of questions relating to SEO content in an article published by Search Engine Watch. If you are not 100% sure about what Google wants from sites in terms of SEO, keep reading to find out.

What is the difference between Panda and Penguin?

The various ?Google animals? can leave users a bit confused, but Cutts explained that the aim of Panda was to tackle spam, whereas the Penguin update is focused on penalising websites that provide content which is between high quality and pure spam; ?the stuff in the middle,? he called it.

What is Google’s position about link building?

The head of Google’s web spam team makes a clear point on this subject arguing that people who buy and sell links are ?part of how SEO has a bad reputation.? Cutts also warns that buying links can sometimes lead to links being published on websites that are bad quality and low ranking, which could be detrimental at the end of the day ? particularly in the wake of the penguin update.

Having back links pointing to your site can give a great SEO boost, but it is important to be sure about the high quality of those sites linking to you.

What can I do to boost my SEO?

In this sense, Google recommends using as many keywords as possible ? no worries about abusing, the optimal word density is 77%, he said. 

Using Google-based features such as AdSense or Google+ will also help to improve your SEO. In fact, a recent experiment carried out in the US by TastyPlacement revealed that a site climbed up to 14.63 positions after a month’s promotion and 100 followers in Google+

What is the future of SEO for websites?

SEO has become more difficult in the last few years as Google has been constantly working on new ways of distinguishing good SEO from bad ones.

Cutts warns webmasters and SEO professionals that this trend is actually going to increase in the coming years. The aim of Google is to avoid manipulation and only give higher ranking to those sites which truly deserve it. ?There’s not a war on SEO, there’s a war on spam,? he points out.

Read the article on Search Engine Watch.

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