Trending topic hashtags and the best time to use Twitter

Trending topic hashtags and the best time to use Twitter

During the UEFA European Football Championship, the social network Twitter created a hashtag page to help users keep up to date with the sports event 24/7. Find out how trending topics can work for your business.

Hashtags and trending topics are proving to be the perfect tool in terms of social marketing. Paying attention and dedicating some of your business tweets to the trending topics in your area is a great way of interacting with as many users as possible.

It is always recommended to work on content marketing that is relevant to your readers, and the good thing about Twitter trending topics (also known as #TT) is that it automatically guarantees that the subject is relevant and of current interest.

How to make the most of Twitter

The possibility of engaging with your audience with Twitter are many, but many businesses ignore the top tips when it comes to posting tweets.

According to a recent study by the Canadian digital agency Rakacreative, these are the top trends when it comes to the best times to post on Twitter:

  • Best days to tweet: Monday to Thursday
  • Best times to tweet: 9am to 3pm, with the best time peak being between 1pm and 3pm

Other tools such as Followerwonk can also help you to track and monitor your followers? habits, as well as compare you and their relationship with other Twitter users.

The more you know about your audience in social media, the better you will adapt to their habits and needs.

Finally, the US marketing company Such Great Heights Marketing also published an infographic showing very positive figures regarding Twitter:

  • Daily Twitter usage has quadrupled since 2017
  • A third of all 18 to 24 years old Internet users are on Twitter
  • The US is the country with the most Twitter users; in 2017 62% were men and 38% were women

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