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‘Stand out from the crowd and create your own TV channel’

Video gives you the chance to create your own TV channel and engage users, build brand awareness and boost your search engine optimisation efforts all in one go. Video is no longer the domain of the large corporate and we want to help brands big and small speak to their audience in a truly visual way.

Data from Google also shows that more searches are being carried out with the term ?video? in them than for any other keyword and video is shared more than any other social media.

Video, through sight, sound and motion delivers more awareness, brand recall and purchase intent than most traditional media and add in the ability to share and distribute your videos and the medium becomes even more powerful.

We create, deliver and distribute online video content that grabs your audience’s attention.

Key Features:

  • Full service video production service to include concept, script, shoot and edit.
  • Unique studio news room environment for the supply of daily website video.
  • Each video is supplied with Keyword relevant text description for increased search engine optimisation
  • Website video is distributed online via managed YouTube Channel and other video syndicators.
  • Full statistics supplied outlining analytics, reach and performance of each video, as well as overall effect.


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We research, we create, we engage?

Working with the UK’s top brands and businesses, at Blighty SEO we provide bespoke, tailored editorial and video content to increase web presence, search engine rankings and social engagement.

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