Why your brand really needs a content agency

Why your brand really needs a content agency

Research data from eConsultancy found that the majority of marketers now agree that brands are becoming publishers.

The survey of more than 1,300 marketing professionals found that a staggering 90% of all marketers see the value in content marketing and 74% agree to the statement that brands are becoming publishers.

The eConsultancy survey found that 64% of in-house marketers now believe that content marketing is becoming its own unique discipline.

Content marketing involves taking the skillsets of ? PR, SEO, journalism and marketing – as well as a thorough understanding of the brand and the ?brand story? you are looking to tell, and then delivering on it.

If you have an idea of the kind of content you?d like to see and read on your website and what type of content you like to read, but you either don?t have the time to create all of the content you need, or you simply don?t know how to go about creating that content, professional online content agencies and content marketing companies are exactly what you need. They can work with you to create a great content strategy, such as the ones we have helped create for Comet, Asda Money and more.

Content marketing strategy tips: what is your goal?

The goal when you get started with your content marketing should be to seek natural linking building through quality and ‘shareable? content. You also need to publish regular content on your own website so that you can get additional links from social media and social bookmarking tools; as well as to position yourself as a thought leader. Never underestimate the SEO benefits that being linked in a high quality authority blog or page can give to your website, but always start by creating original brand content yourself.

Blogger outreach can be extremely effective. It involves contacting individual bloggers and asking them if they are interested in either hosting some content that is create exclusively for them (also known as guest posting); or the blogger themselves writing some content and mentioning or linking to the website or brand that you require. More on Blogger Outreach

Create a Content Calendar for Content Marketing Solutions

An organised social media editorial calendar is also a must-have for success online, unless you are online interested in news content ? which by its very nature can be difficult to plan in advance. A good calendar will save you time by having a structured time frame to stick to which eliminates time wasting activities. Most importantly a calendar will help your content marketing achieve results.

This is just a snapshot of tips and ideas to help get you thinking about your content requirements and the options that are available to you ? as soon as you start thinking like a publisher. For more advice and an informal chat, please get in touch.

We research, we create, we engage?

Working with the UK’s top brands and businesses, at Blighty SEO we provide bespoke, tailored editorial and video content to increase web presence, search engine rankings and social engagement.

Our approach can be a simple as provide us with a keyword and we?ll produce relevant content, or as strategic as working with agencies and clients to define strategy, tone, style, platform and more.  We offer full service content creation and strategy at cost-effective rates. We also offer guest posting opportunities and more to deliver exceptional results.

Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

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